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Full Name: - Quercus crenata

Quercus crenata Lam. (1785)
Nomenclature Note
Shown to be a stabilized hybrid between Q. cerris L. & Q. suber L. (See: Bellarosa, R., Schirone, B., Maggini, F., & Fineschi, S. Inter- and intraspecific variation in three Mediterranean oaks (Q. cerris, Q. suber, Q. crenata). In: Kremer A. & Muhs H.-J. (eds), Inter-and Intraspecific Variation in European Oaks: Evolutionary Implications and Practical Consequences. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities: Luxembourg. pp 239–276. (1996). A synonym of Q. ×hispanica Lam. (1785)
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Lectotype at Paris
On-line Herbarium Specimen
Lectotype: P00238993